Monday, September 9, 2013

September Whiplash...

Right, so school started and our kids looked like this. One was returning to a familiar pre-K classroom, and the other was venturing into THE FIRST GRADE. Her feelings on the subject were captured here. We are a few weeks in now and both seem to be loving life... but to be fair, they love life quite frequently. And why not? They have awesome parents who take them places like this and this with fun people like this. As all parents of school-aged children know, September is swirling emotional cauldron of frayed nerves and exhaustion (and that's just the moms)... luckily, the girls know when we need their support. And on the really tough September days, when we just don't think we'll make it to Friday, the Mothers Goose can pull up this blog, watch something like this, and know that we only get 'em this way for a minute... and that even these rough and rocky Septembers will be gone all too soon.

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