Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Makin' Memories on Memorial Day...

The sun and heat finally decided to show up and for once they had perfect timing. The Mothers Goose got their flag on up north and partook in the typical Memorial Day traditions of cousin camera mugging and  celebrating a birthday we could not refuse. After the parade the girls snuck in a quick dip in the balmy 52 degree ocean, not that it deterred them a bit. Aside from cheering 3 day weekends, veterans and BBQ gluttony, we recently had cause for another celebration - Mama Mer's promotion to grand high partner poobah. Our pal Dr. Martin generously organized a little party in Mer's honor, which was a veritable who's who of local dignitaries, rock stars and performance artists. In all seriousness, we're very proud of her achievement and you should buy her a drink next time you see her!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Rain, rain GO AWAY...

Now that spring is here, we'd love to be able to go outside and ENJOY it. Of course, on Mother's Day, the 50 degree weather did not deter Carmen one bit. It has been rather gloomy and cold here, but as the saying goes when life hands you lemonade... you do this.

Also helping us stay on the sunny side of life, are our good friends the Caseys!

Luke, Harper and their folks paid us a visit which was a great excuse to hold babies, eat ice cream and look at old stuff. Come back soon now, ya hear!