Sunday, January 27, 2008

Highchairs Are Soooo 2007...

Believe it or not, Lucia actually enjoys eating this stuff. I think she's eating a spinach pancake, mac n cheese w/ broccoli and she's clearly saving the blue Duplo block for dessert. She is no longer interested in sitting in her highchair for extended periods of time, like mealtime. Good thing she has another venue for eating. During the most recent Pats game, Lucia was performing her usual Patriot victory dance and unfortunately didn't stick the landing. While the French judge still gave her a 10, Lucia was forced to bow out of the rest of the victory celebration due to a bloody lip. Luckily, moms had the perfect remedy on hand. Finally, apropos of nothing... here are other acts of cuteness captured on camera this week.

Friday, January 18, 2008

All This White Stuff Is Suspect...

Finally, after our 4th big snow storm of the season Mothers Goose got their acts together and dragged Lucia outside to recreate scenes from one of her favorite books. It was a thick, heavy snow that was quite beautiful (if you didn't have to shovel the stuff). Luce wasn't too sure about it all, or maybe her hesitation was more related to the silly hats we make her wear out in public. She acutally enjoyed being outside, so long as she was being held by one of us. In other snow related news, I was scolded by a neighbor for having the temerity to brush snow off my car in front of her house (in the street mind you). It's a good thing I met some great neighbors the day before (cookies were made and brought to our house, how quaint?!), otherwise Mrs. Crabapple would have soured me on the entire neighboorhood. As Pete would say, "Pooh on Mrs. Parsley."

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Of First Birthdays and Football Firsts...

The past couple weekends brought a bunch of significant firsts: cousin Brianna's first birthday party (and cousin Anthony's third), Mama Mer's first night away from the child and the Patriot's record winning streak of 17-0. I know, it's a lot to take in. Lucia and Mama Fran headed up to Maine for the birthday celebrations while Mama Mer toiled away at work. As always, Lucia loved visiting with Nonne and Papa and had a blast at the birthday party. Back in Boston, we enjoyed cheering the Pats on to their 17th victory with, who else?, these yahoos. Imagine what next week's game celebrations will look like?!

And Speaking of Birthdays...

Mothers Goose wants to give a big birthday shout out to Uncle Sean who turns almost 40 years old today (he has a year or so on me).

Fun fact: Kelby and Sean share the same exact birthday. In fact, have you ever seen them in a room together at the same time? Oh right, our wedding. Nevermind.

Friday, January 4, 2008

What the Heck Does Auld Lang Syne Mean Anyway?

No matter, we rung in the New Year the way we usually do - with food, friends and drink. Actually, that's pretty much how we celebrate anything... New Year's, Flag Day, Sunday mornings, etc. Frequent Mothers Goose guest stars Kelby, Cathy and Owen joined us to say goodbye to the most memorable year of our lives. 2007 will be hard to top, but with Luce now walking, babbling and generally being the life of the party (that's the Nonne in her) 2008 is off to a great start!