Sunday, June 22, 2008

She Moves In Mysterious Ways...

Lucia found a new love this weekend... the sprinkler. Mama Fran finally figured out how to turn on the outside faucet thingy (it has been a long, hard battle but I won dammit) and make the magic happen. I have a great video of Mama Mer showing Luce how to run through the sprinkler, but it's not loading for some reason... I think Mer is jamming the signal. Don't worry, I'll keep trying. In addition to outdoor water activities, Lucia had a play date/BBQ with her pal Nicholas. She followed him around like a puppy, shared her toys with him and even had a dance party. She loves, loves, loves older kids.
Random cute Luce fact: right now, she is totally into construction vehicles. We have no idea where the fascination came from, but she LOVES pointing out the "diggers" we pass in the street (good thing we live in Boston, home of the perpetual Big Dig). She also loves telling people, "I passed a digger!" We brought home a few truck books from the library and are working to move beyond "digger"... she can now point out dump trucks, tractors, mixers (cement mixers), cranes, etc. and to hear her try and say "excavator" is priceless.
P.S. Special Mothers Goose Birthday shout out to Auntie PP! Hope your weekend was full of champagne wishes and caviar dreams. Wait... you have a baby. Hope you got to shower this weekend!

Monday, June 16, 2008

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things...

Long walks with Nonne and visiting Funtown,
Riding on boats, trains
and merry-go-rounds.
Splashing in ocean water
So cold it stings,
These are a few of Luce's favorite things.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A Summer Preview...

This post is a mere 10 days late... so please picture yourself reading this on June 2. The weather once again cooperated to give us a fun weekend in the sun. We decided to breakout Lucia's new swimsuit and test out some tubs in the backyard. The tubs were the brilliant idea of Mama Mer in an effort to recreate the magic of Ellen's House. Based on Luce's reaction, I'd say we were successful. We closed the weekend with a good old fashion BBQ with our friends Heidi, Emily and their son Sammy. Luce took to Sammy immediately and he clearly wins the contest for best t-shirt of the week.