Sunday, September 30, 2012

Three Little Maids From School...

You guys, where did September go?!?! Oh I know, it stayed the same but I traveled to Orlando and Seattle back to back in the middle of it. That's explains it. Ok, so I'm WAY behind with the blogging and the cute picturing but to recap the month: school is going great for all the kiddos, both establishments are exceeding our parental expectations and we're thrilled. Lucia loves making new friends and continues her rapid advancement towards sassy teen status and Carmen regularly exclaims, "Mama I wuv pwee-K" ... so we couldn't be happier. In between airports we managed to squeeze in a birthday party, a pedicure with Mama Mer and a trip to see The Mikado. Whew, no wonder we look like this at the end of the day.

Big First Day At the K

Ok, so Mamas have been dreading this day... the day we send our first baby off to Kindergarten. I was seriously considering medicating for the occasion because I thought I would be a soggy puddle of emotion. But you know what? None of us cried! Not even me! Lucia did great and has really been looking forward to starting school "like a big kid."  A few weeks into school and she is regularly declaring "Kindergarten is GREAT!" which is the best we could have hoped for... and I am certain her independent spirit will continue to bloom and grow (bloom and grow forevvvverrr). Never one to be left in the dust, Carmen also started a new pre-K program so we got her suited up as well. She had a successful first day and so far so good (knock on wood). And if this whole school thing doesn't work out, she also has this talent as back up.