Thursday, March 31, 2011

Assorted Talking Pictures...

From this random collection you will learn that:

1) Top Pot Donuts are sweeeeeet.

2) Skiing is more fun with friends.

3) Even in her advanced age, Mama Mer is still smokin'.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Look Carmen, the Real Emerald City!

Have Dorothy dresses will travel, right? The Mothers Goose decided to give family air travel another shot (yes, we're still scarred from Miami) so we packed up our gingham and headed west of Kansas. The timing was perfect because it allowed us to celebrate two birthdays (Uncle B! Mama Mer!) and brought the cousins together for a much needed visit. The first nights were spent at a downtown hotel that shall remain nameless due to a bedbug incident (it rhymes with Schhmeston)... but after my Silkwood moments, and several thousand Starwood points later, we all settled in and had a grand old time.
We enjoyed celebrating Uncle B's birthday out at his favorite burger joint where Lucia was so excited to see cousin Jackson, she promptly fell asleep at the table... but not before trying her hand at a little Picasso. While Lucia dozed, Carmen took the opportunity to share some girl talk with Veronica.
Of course we were all excited to celebrate the FNPP ritual together along with friends too. And when we weren't playing dress up or having dance parties, we could be found soaking up all the glorious Seattle weather... literally. In the end we had too much fun, ate far too much and left way too soon.