Tuesday, November 27, 2007

It's Turkey Lurkey Time...

Pop quiz: which weighed more this Thanksgiving - the turkey or Lucia? Close call, but Lucia won by a pound or two. We had a great time at Nonne and Papa's surrounded by family and chaos, the perfect way to spend a holiday. Although it was a brief visit, Lucia was able to cram a lot in - - she enjoyed going up and down the stairs (at all hours mind you), reading books (you can see where she gets her flair for the dramatic) and playing the piano (an original Lucia Leary Infantine composition). On the back end of the weekend, Paige and Paul stopped by Boston to pick up a landfill's worth of baby gear. That's one more load of crap we don't have to move to Brookline -thanks guys! Hope all the Mothers Goose blog readers out there had a great T-day. We sure did.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

To Everything Turn, Turn, Turn...

On Saturday, Lucia Leary Infantine celebrated 363 days on the planet (her official birthday is Nov. 19). It was a lovely affair attended by members of the LLI Fan Club with various pals stopping by throughout the day to wish Luce a happy b-day. As you may know, it was an eggroll and meatball party (Lucia's favorite foods) so needless to say she was in seventh heaven... what could be better you ask? Well, all that followed by cupcakes of course! Lucia's head nearly exploded. Glad it didn't, it was a messy enough meal. I've been trying to upload videos of the day for you, but Google seems to be having server issues. I'll keep trying, because Lucia's cuteness is best observed in motion. Until then, you may enjoy her in still form here.
In other momentous news (slight hyperbole) my football team was victorious in the playoff game I missed in order to attend my daughter's first birthday party! (talk about Sophie's Choice, huh? Ok, not really... again with the hyperbole). Today the Violent Femmes (my team) took on the undefeated amazons of Foul Play. While initially we put up a good fight, in the end we were summarily trounced. Good thing we still have the Patriot's stellar season to watch. Although, tonight I'm feeling my motherhood and age and am not sure I can stay up for the game. Sad, sad, sad.

Friday, November 16, 2007

So We've Been A Little Busy Over Here...

Since last we posted, we had a lovely visit from Aunt Alison and Uncle Brendan; we attended our dear friend Paige's baby shower in Hoboken; and we purchased a house. On top of all that I've been a living out of a suitcase due to business trips and am finally recovering from the plague. Whew. Busy, busy, busy. Aunt Alison and Uncle B came during the height of my illness, so I'm pretty sure I gave it to them (sharing is caring)... nevertheless they had a nice visit with the Goose and even attended Mama Fran's football game! The following weekend we were off to the birthplace of Old Blue Eyes to revel in Paige's glowing pregnant glory. Honestly, she doesn't even look all that pregnant given her January due date! It was a quick trip due to Lucia's intolerance of the car seat during daylight hours (we drove down during her bedtime), but it's always great to catch up with Paige, her husband Paul and their respective parents. And finally, yes, we bought a house. We have been casually looking for a while now and decided to pull the trigger on a place in Brookline, MA. It's a standard issue 1950s Colonial that could use some updating, but we think it has a lot of potential and we're very excited about the possibilities. It is going to be a quick move since we're looking to get in there before Christmas, so if you don't hear from us again in a bit it's because we're in the midst of packing madness!