Sunday, February 27, 2011

Oh the Two-Dah Day...

So the girl with a thousand names reached a big milestone this past week, thus giving her yet another nickname - Two-Dah. Since her actual birthday fell in the middle of the week, she had lots of chances to perfect her candle blowing technique... which, if you recall, is much improved over last year. With our baby on the verge of losing "the baby" part of childhood, here are some things we're going to miss about the pre-two Trouble:

-Her asking for a "bauble" (aka bottle)
-Giving us the stink eye (perhaps that one will stick)
-"Morrre sybup pwease" (the kid loves pancakes)
-All of the incoherent Oz talk... "Dorsey Gale, wion, 'carecrow, ruby swippers, etc. etc."
-Dancing around in a circle when listening to her "jam!"

And a million other things that we've vowed not to forget, and now I can't remember... . Happy Birthday Trouble, thanks for keeping us on our toes.

Addendum: How could I have forgotten the best Carmenism yet!?! When asked a question such as, "Who wants to go sledding? or Who wants ice cream" Her reply, "I dooooooo."

Monday, February 21, 2011

New Year's Resolution Progress Report...

Ok, so we haven't made that many successful ski trips down an actual slope; HOWEVER, we have enjoyed our winter retreats up to Loon Mountain and all of the fun that goes with it. Like swimming for instance... and endangering the lives of our children. The girls seem to need the break from "the city" as much as Moms do, so this long and snowy winter has been quite enjoyable. Of course, when we're not swimming, sledding or sort of skiing, we can always be found dancing around in costumes. That fact may never change... I hope.