Thursday, June 21, 2007

Well Hello Dr. Ferber! Wait, Weren't You Just Here?

Ok, so our fantastic trip to Seattle last week was not without collateral damage. First of all, we all got sick (thanks Aunt Alison!). Second, Lucia's body clock was all out of whack which meant erratic naps and frequent night wakings. Drat. That's ok, after a week of letting her night nurse (she was sick and we're softies) Dr. Ferber came back for the weekend and now all is right again. Since I have failed to upload the video from Alison's graduation, you'll have to settle for some Lucy cuteness instead. Sorry Al. Also, if you can't make it out in the picture, Lucy's t-shirt says "If I'm Not Happy, Nobody's Happy" which couldn't be more true.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

A PhD, a JD and Boatload of Expectation...

Just kidding Lucia. You can be whatever you want to be... so long as you promise to take care of your moms in our dotage. Enough about me, this post is all about Aunt Alison's amazing accomplishment! This weekend brought us to Seattle once again - this time to celebrate the culmination of Alison's 43 years of post-grad study. On Saturday she was awarded her PhD in Clinical Psychology from the University of Washington with a specialty in something to do with kids and stuff (guess who does not have her PhD?). Lucia was an absolute rock star throughout the entire 2+ hour ceremony and didn't cry once - not even a peep! I suppose that makes up for her lousy flight out to Seattle (Mama Mer flew with her solo, so I guess that means Lucy missed me??). Anyway, we had great visit - albeit a short one - and Lucia just loved spending time with Aunt Alison, Uncle Brendan, Aunt Julie and Uncle Sean. Once I figure out how to upload Alison's speech from our video camera, I'll be sure to post it so you can all marvel at what a poised, whip-smart, funny and over all wonderful person our lil Alison has become. Jeez, I sound like I've hit my dotage now.

P.S. Do you know how to keep a lawyer from talking? Lucy does :-)

Sunday, June 3, 2007

For Lucia, Dinner is a Contact Sport...

In order to truly appreciate the beauty(?) of this photo, click on it to enlarge the image and see if you can guess what Lucia had for dinner tonight. If you said Cheerios, a teething biscuit, sweet potatoes and a piece of Mama Mer's burnt hot dog bun, give yourself a high-five champ! Not to sound like a broken record, but this girl loves her food. I mean, realllllly loves her food. Even the non-edible monkey variety.

We're gearing up for another cross-country trip to Seattle at the end of the week, so here's hoping she stays this cheerful out there. Hm, what are the chances??

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Scarface and The Perp...

Lucia received an unpleasant lesson in physics on Friday. For those of you who can't recall your high school science, Newton's third law of motion states: "For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction." Well, Lucy found out that by grabbing a cat's fur, yes, the cat will in fact grab back... or in this case swat. Where was Mama Fran you may ask? She was watching with amusement as her daughter explored the world around her. Clearly, when Lucy got to the cat my reaction time was a bit off. From the other room Meredith heard, "Oh no" then a Lucy whimper, then a Lucy scream. I tried to get a picture of the aftermath, but it didn't photograph well (which is good, since it's only a tiny surface scratch). At any rate, I thought this pic of her looked menacing - "Yeah, I have a scratch on my face. Whatcha lookin' at??"

The name of the perpetrator will remain out of the press for now... but here's an anonymous head shot of the perp in question.