Saturday, July 31, 2010

Sugar and Spice and Vanilla Greek Yogurt...

That's what this little girl is made of! So unlike her big sis, Carmen is somewhat of a picky eater. However, we stumbled upon one thing that she really likes. I mean, she loves this yogurt - probably because it is almost like frosting. It is up there with her favorite things to eat - avocados and cake. We think she's actually saying the word "cake." The word "Mama" comes and goes, but "cake" she seems to nail every time. Hm.
As I mentioned in the last post, I spent a few days in lovely Seattle where I was able to spend time with the littlest Leary and of course, Vv too. We had a great time rockin' out to a Beatles cover band in the park and of course, eating cupcakes. Thanks Uncle Phil! No sooner could you say cross country cousins, then we geared up for a visit from our kin up north. We had a blast at the zoo and science museum and general all around silliness. Hard to believe that August is right around the corner... but that also means we're getting closer to CAMP!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Sand, Sun and Sparklers...

While it may seem like the 4th of July was weeks ago (yeah, I know, it was) it has taken me this long to upload the photos. In fairness, I was in Seattle last week (more pics on that later) so I'm more or less right on schedule... ok, less. Anyway, the Mothers Goose and goslings had a Vitamin D packed 4th of July weekend up in Maine. The girls enjoyed all of their favorite activities with all their favorite people. And in the middle of our 4th of July BBQ, a parade broke out! Thankfully, no one called the cops. Once I figure out how to upload the video, you can see for yourself what 4 kids + 6 adults + 1 accordion equates to... although, I think you can do the math on your own. If you said "= a bunch of yahoos marching around a parking lot?" then YOU ARE CORRECT! God bless America indeed.