Thursday, May 31, 2012

Wait, Was that May that Just Flew Past Us?!?

Wow, I am so far behind! Gah! Ok, May brought us back up to Maine for Papa's birthday and more cousin fun. The weather was fantastic so we had time to stop and smell the flowers, make a fairy house, and of course, spend some time at the beach. All the activity was exhausting, but luckily moms got to have a night out with their own entertainment. The end of May also brought a flurry of school related activities like art shows and performances. I'll try and upload a video of Luce up on stage, looking adorable in a self-designed doggie hat and singing her heart out. I know it's only pre-school... but I can't imagine 18 more years of this stuff. I either need to have my tear ducts removed or buy stock in Kleenex... or both.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Scoot Over Spring, Here Comes Summer!

In true New England fashion, it seems as though we bypassed yet another season (winter? spring?) and are now in full on summer mode. So what if it's technically a few weeks away, that certainly won't stop these two from jumping in the ocean (in Maine no less!). Along with the warmer temperatures, May brought us the annual Ellen's House egg hunt, birthday parties and some much needed spring cleaning. We are looking forward to a wicked fun summer filled with adventures with pals both big and small. So far, we're setting the bar pretty high.