Sunday, July 31, 2011

Graduation is Really a Four Letter Word...

In what will surely be the first a long string of emotional graduation ceremonies (well, emotional for the Mothers Goose anyway), we watched our eldest daughter graduate from her amazing family-based daycare after 4 short, yet monumental years. After getting over her bout of depression ("I don't wanna graduate!"), Luce glommed onto the concept that she was a "big girl" moving on to "big girl school." Meanwhile, I've been a veritable train wreck of emotion... sigh.
Not to be outdone on the big changes front, Carmen also reach a significant milestone... and decided to sing about it (incidentally, Luce thinks this video is HIGHlarious). Annnnd speaking of goofballs, we have certainly kept ourselves entertained with various ways to beat the heat this summer - some more traditional than others.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Where Have You Gone Sadie Tom Brady Tedy Bruschi??

Ok, so I think I know where she's gone... gone, gone, gone. It has been a week since we last saw her and I've come to terms with her untimely departure. Not that anyone else has - the kids have yet to notice (and I fear when they finally do) and Mer claims to "have never slept better." Ok, fine. Well, I'll miss you lil kitty... it was a fun 9 years (we got her right after the first Pats Super Bowl, can you tell?). She really was a good sport, most of the time.
On a lighter note, the Mothers Goose enjoyed another fun 4th in Vacationland with the standard issue parade and birthday celebration. We even motivated to "walk the earth" and visited lots of fun fairy houses and built one of our own.  Next time we'll bring blueprints.