Sunday, October 30, 2011

A Luce Tooth...

On October 16th, we went to bed with a wiggly tooth and didn't think much of it. These things usually take a few days right? We should have known better...the very next day we received this picture from our awesome sitter, which sent the Tooth Fairy scrambling. Luce was very excited of course and Mamas were in no way emotionally prepared for this momentous occasion. Where's that pause button when you need it?
In addition to painted ponies going up and down, this month was also filled with fantastic fits of fall fun with friends, phew. From corn mazes to Blue Hills we tackled the great outdoors with gusto... and what's more fun than climbing a mountain? Running down the back of it of course. Finally, it's hard to believe that in two short weeks we went from swimming in the ocean, to snowpants. While I froze my tootsies off on the field, the girls enjoyed all the typical pre-Halloween activities. Let's hope it melts in time for our trick or treating adventure... these costumes won't quite look the same under winter coats.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

So Long Summer, Thanks for Everything...

So this picture was taken on October 9... on a beach... in Maine. Nah, there's no such thing as global warming. No matter, the Mothers Goose will take advantage of melting polar ice caps if it means long weekends spent like this. In addition to frolicking by the seashore, we also took a minute to celebrate my birthday. A word about the cake, the girls each had creative input. Luce thought I would really like a Patriots cake (she's right) and Carmen insisted that my cake have "GUMMY WORMS!!!" (she says it like that every time). So, Nonne took those demands to the bakery department... and came back with this. I'd like to know who this "Fram" person is.

Other random acts of cuteness:

Carmen has been very concerned about fire safety and is excited for Halloween.
Lucia has been practicing her oratory skills... perhaps leading up to her run for the Hawaiian state senate?

In addition to her impromptu speeches, Luce has also given us these gems:
"Everyone is lucky in their own way."

"It's ok mom, you just worry about yourself... I'm fine."

"Mom, is it ok if we just pop our heads in the gift store?" (said during a recent trip to the science museum)

Sometimes I find it hard to believe that we still have 8 years to go before she's officially a teenager.