Thursday, February 28, 2013

Sooooo this happened...

Yeah, yeah, yeah... so I missed the last half of January and all of February. In my defense, it was a short month anyway. Here's the thing, I blame Steve Jobs (RIP)... or more specifically the iPhone. Since that device came along I have gotten out of the habit of taking actual PHOTOGRAPHS with my real CAMERA and as a result we all suffer. The blog suffers, you dear patient reader suffer and lord knows I suffer (hearing it from Mer). I will try and stay more on top of things, because moments like these are too precious not share. Yes, our baby turned 4 in February and she is full_of_it. She loves to laugh, and be goofy and make up nonsensical songs... like this jaunty little ditty called "There's a Drink in My Drawer." She sings it often, with many variations and no two are ever alike. Classic.

We've spent a fair amount of time up at Loon (appropriate, no?) this winter and the weather has been most cooperative, providing ample opportunities for outdoor refrigeration when necessary. Lucia has really taken to skiing and Carmen, well, she much prefers this sport.

Along we Carmen's birthday, we also celebrated Mimi's Birthday and Dr. Martin Luther King's as well. When asked about Dr. King, Carmen will tell you, "He had a great idea! That people who like broccoli and people who don't like broccoli can still be friends." Yep, that sounds about right.  Errata, this was included in the LAST update. The editor regrets this error.