Friday, April 24, 2009

First Holiday As Sisters - Success!

One of these days, I'll catch up on all my blogging. Not to mention the giant pile of "thank you" notes we still have to send out. And, oh yeah, Carmen's birth announcements. Ah well, such is parenthood... always behind the 8 ball (shake, shake, - reply hazy, try again). So back to Easter. We were on the fence as to weather or not to head up to Maine due to Carmen's super pukeyness and lack of sleepitude. But as our wise daycare provider once said, "Sometimes the only way out is through" so up we went. As it turns out, Carmen was a rock star and had a great time hanging out with all the Mainers. Not that you'd know it from the pictures, but there were other people at Easter I swear. Next up, I'll tell you about the great visit we just had from Uncle B, Auntie Alison and Baby V. Look for that sometime in June.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I'm Dorothy Gale From Kansas...

Ok, so at long last here is a sneak peak at the Wizard of Oz madness that has consumed our household. We have Ellen to thank (blame?) for all of this. The kids at daycare LOVE to dress up as the different characters and act out scenes from the movie (they've only seen snippets - no flying monkeys thank you very much). Of course, Lucia's favorite character is Glinda (pink! pink! frilly pink!), but here you see her sporting the Dorothy dress and showing off her ruby slippers. We have more photos somewhere, and once I find them I promise to post. Lucia has assigned roles for every member of the family as well - I'm usually the Wicked Witch (trying not to read into that one much), Nonne is always Auntie Em, Mimi is Toto, sometimes Mama Mer gets to be Glinda too, and Carmen of course is a Munchkin. Lucia knows all of the words to all of the songs (Judy G. would be so proud) and she also knows a bunch of the dialog. Our favorites are when she says, "I'm Dorothy Gale from Kansas!" (she's never just Dorothy) or when in the Wicked Witch voice she says, "Who killed my sister?!? Was it youuuu?" that one gets me every time.
Speaking of Carmen, we realize she's been getting short shifted so we're trying to make up for it... I just need to be better about blogging it. These days, Carmen seems to be doing better with her reflux (oh yeah, did I mention we got another spitter?? Thanks a lot God.) now if we can just get her sleeping through the night. We have such low expectations since Luce didn't do that until 6 months out, but we're holding out hope that Carmen can get there soon. Our family could use the rest. Luckily, we've been keeping busy with fun activities so maybe sleep is overrated. Well no. No it's not.