Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Big Round of Applause for Nonne!

She was the first to respond with the correct answer to:

"Who was Jesus' grandmother?"

Here is her reply:

Jesus' grandmother was the mother of Mary - Ann was her name. Do I win? Being as how they were Jewish I guess she was the Bubbe.

50 points to Nonne and another 5 for being funny. She must get that from me.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Random Musings of A Two Year Old...

Thanks to Uncle B for the Obama-themed Luce picture. I think she looks quite presidential, don't you? Speaking of nonsensical things... We were just putting Luce down for bed and she turned to me and said, "I want to tell you a question" then proceed to construct an elaborate tale involving a boat, a fish and Dorothy (from the Wizard of Oz). There is so much stuff filling her little brain right now, it's just spilling over into cuteness right and left. What is not so cute are the 4:30 wake up calls, "MOMMMMYYYY I NEED MY BLANKKKKIEEE." Not cute at all. Don't worry, we're getting her back with pictures like this: In case you're wondering, Luce is sporting football covered pajamas that say "Daddy's Team" and an invention called the Turbi Twist (thanks Nonne) and yes, it is as awesome as the Sham-wow, or the Snuggie. We're hoping for those in our stocking next year. One last funny Luce story, then I'm off to the couch: so we have an ashtray with the picture of Jesus on it that says, "Jesus Hates It When You Smoke" (thanks Laura and Erin). Being the classy ladies that we are, it's sitting on our desk and Luce came across it the other day and pointed to Jesus and said, "He's crying. He's sad..." (he does look rather mournful) and she continued, "He's sad because he misses his grandmother." A bonus 50 points for you theologians out there who can name Jesus' grandmother. GO!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Look Kids, A Real President!

Ok so Lucia will most likely NOT remember this day, but her parents sure will. Against her protestations, we did dress her in red, white and blue (she wanted pink... of course). And I am happy to report that Lucia can identify our 44th President on the TV - "Look, it's Baaak Omama!" Besides spending time to savor this moment in history, we've been quite busy with some important events of our own, namely:

Anthony's 4th birthday party where Lucia literally jumped for joy. We had to drag her out of there. Perhaps we should invest some gymnastics equipment?

A fun visit from the Caseys and Rosellas. Lucia bonded with Luke, read with Paul and fell in love with Paige and all her girly accessories. I think the highlight of Luce's weekend was digging through Paige's purse and trying on her lip gloss. She really didn't want them to leave, and cried a bunch saying "it's hard to leave children." So true dear, so true.

Buying Lucia a big girl bed. In fact, she's sleeping in it for the first time tonight. Keep your fingers crossed! Update: she's already fallen out once, but don't worry, the mattress is on the floor so it didn't even wake her up!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy *hack* New *sneeze* Year *cough*

So the holidays absolutely knocked us on our collective butts. We all had the plague - - cough, fever, congestion, apathy (ok, maybe that last one was just me). Poor Luce, we spent all of Christmas day debating weather or not to take her to the emergency room. We didn't, but had to cut our trip short and bring her to the doctor just to be sure she didn't have TB (I mean her cough sounded like she had a 2-pack a day habit). Of course, despite her illness, Luce still managed to enjoy herself (adoring family, sugar and gifts will do that to a kid). Now that we're just about 100%, we have to adjust back to our work schedules and the daily grind. This break has been so nice and relaxing (Luce is even sleeping for us!), I'm not looking forward to Monday. Not one bit.