Tuesday, June 30, 2009

See This? It's Mine Now.

Ok, so technically she's ours now. Yesterday was Carmen's big adoption day and for any readers out there wondering why gay marriage is necessary - this is one big reason why. In order for me to become one of Carmen's "official" parents Meredith had to surrender her parental rights, process an ungodly amount of paperwork, let it work it's way through the system and then boom, 4 months later hooray I'm a mom. Please forgive my lack of elloquence here but, "NO DUH." The whole thing is ludicrous and waste of money and time for all. Seriously people, you're just delaying the inevitable. Get over it already. (Fran steps off of soap box and resumes lighthearted tone).
It was a lovely ceremony and Carmen really appreciated the attendance of her Mimi, Nonne and Papa (who woke up at the crack of dawn to drive down from Maine in the pouring rain). Lucia played a key role in the adoption, expertly wielding the judge's gavel (or hammer as she called it) and signing her name to the decree. Being the high rollers that we are, we then celebrated with breakfast at iHOP proving once again that my family of four females has just as bad taste as a family of four in any given red state.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Several Very Cute Reasons for the Delay...

Carmen of course being one of the major reasons (4 months, still not sleeping through the night - COME ON KID). We keep reminding Carmen that it's a good thing she's so cute - even in the middle of the night when she has a death grip on Mama Mer's shirt. We really do need to find her a better pacifier. Another reason for the lack of blog updates - trying to keep up with this one. And then of course our various activities and engagements not the least of which included the semi-annual Maine lobster and beerfest - a.k.a. family reunion. Despite the deluge that has been June, we have had a very fun filled month. I know I have a lot of catching up to do, but right now my battery is dying - figuratively and literally. Good night kids, good night Mer, good night bloggers everywhere...