Sunday, June 30, 2013

Hey I Made It, I'm the World's Greatest...

Right. So here we are. One school year down and our girls made it through in one piece, their unique personalities firmly intact. June was a very busy month for these gifted performers. Luce had another star turn in her drama/art class production of Fandango Stew and Carmen was blinded by the glare of the stage lights and was a bit "sheepish" in her Driving my Tractor role. She was much more animated at the reunion of her American Girl doll (thanks again for sending Nonne!). This month also brought an Ellen's House sleepover for BOTH girls. Luce took along the iTouch to capture important memories... like this and this. Lucia also honored a special man in her life for Father's Day with this homemade card to Papa Stu. All in all, June was pretty great for the Mothers Goose clan. You know, except when I OPENLY WEPT during Luce's class performance of this R. Kelly song (I_know). I have the full version, but couldn't make it through the entire post without waterworks.

Next up, Fourth of July and CAMPAPALOOZA 2013... stay tuned!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Come what, May?!

Right, so after April came May and May, quite frankly, was a big flippin' blur. BUT I did manage to snap a few pics of our Mega Mother's Day festivities. After Mer's "Trial of the Century" wrapped up at the end of April, she high-tailed it to Chicago for some R&RT (rest and retail therapy) with her sister, which was exactly what she needed. However, she forgot that weekend fell on Mother's Day... which was too bad for her because she missed out on a rollicking good time. Auntie Mia swooped in for some make-over magic and Mimi and Nonne came down for some Mother's Day dinner and brunch goodness. Laughs were had, hair was did, and food was eaten. Pretty perfect.

And what May would be complete without a Memorial Day Trip to Pland to celebrate Papa's birthday? Oh, and Lucia dressed like a biker chick and read a book to Aunt Ashlee's hand.