Monday, September 21, 2009

Staycation All I Ever Wanted...

Staycation no need to get away. So as we mentioned, the Mothers Goose decided to camp it at home during Labor Day weekend - literally. We took advantage of the great weather and embarked on various adventures in this city they call Boston. For one trip, we walked along the water to Castle Island where we enjoyed a picnic by the lovely scenery and partook in other recreational activities. This trip was also noteworthy for the fact that Lucia was asked to be in a music video. No joke. We happened to run into a friend of ours who was there with her work filming a music video. Just so happens they were also scouting the location for a young starlet to play a pivotal role (she handed the singer a love note). Needless to say Lucia adored the spotlight and nailed it take after take. I'll keep you posted if it winds up on MTV anytime soon!
The next day we took the ferry out to Georges Island where we got to do a lot of running around and reenact scenes from Taps (ok, so that was just me).
While we were sad to say goodbye to the last days of summer, the beginning of fall brought some significant firsts - solid foods, football and haircuts.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Hold On To Your Hats...

Despite a slllllow start the Mothers Goose is winding the summer up with a bang. Last weekend our big haired friends from Jersey showed up to cure our summertime blues. Lucia, Luke and Carmen had a blast playing together and apparently so did we. Friends are fun. And speaking of fun - did someone say carousel?! We decided to park it at home for this three day weekend and ventured out into the city for some urban fun. Kennedy carousels, sea dogs and lunch at an Irish bar - sounds like a perfect Friday in Boston to me.