Friday, July 25, 2008

And Just Like That She's A Kid...

Not sure when it happened, but Lucia is now a full on kid. Not even so much a toddler, a kid... kid I say! I submit this picture as evidence your honor. Look at her! K-I-D. So what did our kid do this week? Well, it was the last week of Ellen's house so there was a graduation party for the 4 year olds and an after party at the local pub (hey, we're in Boston and that's what you do after a graduation). Ellen takes some much deserved vacation during August, so Luce will have to cope with her boring moms for a while. Poor thing. Boring or not, we do try and spice things up a bit -- look at what we found on our walk the other day! Speaking of heavy machinery, today we were leaving the library and there was a hydraulic/extension truck lift thingy (I need to work on my terminology) that was going up, up, up to the top of the building. The guy on the machine was waving to Luce and she waved back and said, "That's fancy!" Really, that's what she said.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

What Are The Lemurs Doing?

That my dear readers (sic) was the question of the weekend down in Ptown. Lucia would look at us (or Mimi since we brought her along for the weekend) and say, "What the lemurs doin'?" Having no idea what on earth she was talking about we'd come up with creative answers like, "Oh I'm sure the lemurs are taking a nap now." or "They're probably sitting in a tree having lunch." Come to find out, Lucia had seen a Kipper video at daycare with aliens called "Bleepers" and apparently yes, the bleepers look like the lemurs she sees at the zoo. Who knew? (well, Ellen knew... she knows everything).
So yes, we spent a lovely weekend at the tippy tip of the Cape to attend the wedding of some friends. Perfect weather for an outdoor wedding - right on the water too. Just perfect. Lucia loooooved the ocean, wasn't crazy about the pool, and tore up the dance floor for a song or two. She was in heaven out there- -"You mean there is a space dedicated JUST for dancing? And everybody else dances too? And people will ooh and ahh over my cuteness? HOORAY!" She was eating it up. Of course, this ding dong Mama didn't take a single picture in Ptown, so I'm hoping some better prepared folks out there (you know who you are) may be able to share their pics with me :-) Oh wait, I lied... I did take these shots. Way to go photojournalist Fran. I promise to take double the amount of Luce pics this weekend. Pinky swear.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Ultimate Beach Bum...

Lucia will surely kill me for posting this (when she's 13), but honestly, how could I not?? We've been busy little beach bums over the past few weekends, with the 4th of July proving no exception. It was Uncle Tony's 55th birthday, so we headed north to celebrate. Kids love birthdays, know why? cake, cake, frosting and cake. Oh, and ice cream too. Luce was in heaven. Not to mention her trip on the train, romping around with her cousins, hamming it up for Nonne and Papa and taking Zoe for walks with Auntie Mia. Mothers Goose capped off the weekend with an impromptu trip to L.L. Bean to see Daryl Hall (sans Oats) in concert. Thereby cementing our status as middle-aged, old bittys and extinguishing the last possible ember of hipster street cred I may have possessed. It was all worth it though when I was holding Luce and Daryl launched into this hit - she wriggled out of my arms and said, "I dance!"... which is exactly what I said back in 1982.