Saturday, February 20, 2010

I'm Number One! or I'm #1!

Ok, so Carmen doesn't officially turn 1 until the 23rd but, um, we won't be around for that so, um, yeah... Parents of the year Part I. Annnnyway, we had a lovely party with our framily to celebrate this giant milestone. The children (including us) were spoiled by Mimi, Papa and Nonne, Auntie Mia made a special guest appearance and of course the other usual suspects (Keyser Söze is the one in the yellow hat). Unlike her sister, Carmen wasn't so sure about those cupcake things - good thing this guy showed her how to get into it. Carmen could also use some lessons about blowing out candles, but we all enjoyed her method as well - - once we collectively exhaled. Parents of the year Part II. Happy Birthday Carmen, we love you... and are so glad you (and we) made it.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

We've Been Talkin' 'bout Jackson...

and he's cuter than a pepper sprout! Despite a pox having fallen on the house of Mothers Goose (3 out of 4 felled by some malady or other) we had a fantastic visit with Jackson and his mom and dad. Naturally, Lucia and Carmen took to Jackson right away and quickly initiated him in the world of Friday Night Pizza Parties, Dorothy Gale, and kabuki theater. The Seattleites were also on hand to help celebrate Mimi's birthday and cook up some mean Super Bowl grub. The visit was far too short and confirms yet again, that Seattle is too far for our cousins! Nevertheless, we love seeing them and it's our turn to get on a plane next. Ok, I'm off to tend to my daughter hacking up a lung in the next room. Is it Spring yet??