Tuesday, April 30, 2013

So Long April, Good Riddance...

April was not the easiest month for the Mothers Goose (and the human race in general). Mama Mer was busy preparing for trial, working 7 days a week and spending entirely too much time in central Pennsylvania... and I was, well, trying to keep my sh*t together. Then the week of the Boston Marathon happened and we were all rattled to say the least. Luckily, it was school vacation week and the kids and I were up in Maine on Marathon Monday far away from the chaos unfolding in Boston. We had plenty of fun distractions in the form of cousins, rodents, and of course great food. Then we returned mid-week and were forced to "shelter in place" on a 74 degree Friday. Oy. The next day, Luce got busy helping out where she could though not fully understanding what took place, just that "a bad man did a bad thing and hurt some people." She set up a "mini farmer's market" with entertainment, snacks and a donation basket. I swear I had nothing to do with any of this. I'm just here to document the awesomeness.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Yeahhhhhh Easter!

Yes it happened, like, a month ago... but still. I have evidence that the event took place, and my children seemed to enjoy it. Speaking of pictures, I have no idea why the Google powers that be felt the need to mess up our perfectly nice Picasa web album/blog interface but they did, big time. So if you can't view the pictures anymore I think there's a "request" button you can push or something and then I magically grant you access. All 4 of you that read this blog have at one point in time expressed interest in either myself or my family so chances are, you'll be allowed behind the curtain... just ask me :-)

Speaking of magic, get a load of the inner workings of my 6 year old's brain when asked to occupy herself for a period of time. This is what she comes up with (my room may never be the same). In keeping with her creative streak, she was recently cast in the kindergarten production of Carnival of the Animals as a cuckoo bird... the directors swore there was no typecasting involved. With five, yes FIVE kindergartens at the school, this production rivaled that of Broadway's The Lion King with perhaps a little more screeching involved. Perhaps. Oh and the second child was around too and did stuff and generally looked cute. I'll get her at the next update...