Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Papa Stu - Luce Went Poo!

That's almost how tonight's phone conversation went... almost. Since the girls came down with their 245th cold of the year, we did not go to Maine for the long weekend and so we missed out on BBQs and birthday cake but we made the most of our quarantine. We decided to kick Luce's diaper habit once and for all! Luce was really interested in the potty about 3 months ago, but the Mothers Goose was slightly distracted at the time. So we missed the window then, but decided to smash it back open this weekend and so far so good! Lucia was so excited about her potty usage tonight she had to call Nonne and Papa right away. In her haste to tell Papa Stu her news, she buried the headline which was supposed to be "Happy Birthday Papa Stu!" instead she just told him about her potty productivity. At least Lucia can be sure no one else wished him a happy birthday in quite the same way. Ok, enough with the scatological humor, it's beneath me (HA!)...
Despite being a little snotty, Luce and Carmen had a full calendar of activities including visits from gift bearing friends, receiving gentleman callers and taking a spin on some new wheels. It was a banner weekend to be sure.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Thank You Enablers, Really...

In case any of you were wondering, the glow of the Emerald City (no Uncle B, not Seattle) is still shining over here in Brookline. Thanks in part to our extended family network who, much like crack dealers, continue to supply her with the goods. Exhibit A: this picture. Uncle B and Auntie Alison provided the authentic Dorothy dress and our dear friends Merrily and Don, grandparents to Hoboken's own Luke the Boy, were kind enough to think of Lucia whilst purging their attic library. They came across a book once owned by their daughter Paige (yes, that Paige) and thought Lucia would appreciate it. Well, needless to say Luce did... big time. Our other dear friends (?) Cathy and Kelby really kicked things off 3 months ago when they thought big sister Lucia would like a "hey your moms have a new baby and you may not see them for 5 days" gift. Not only was this an exact replica of her favorite character, but she sings too. Grrrrreat. And finally, last weekend we went up to Maine so Nonne could take Lucia and the crew to see a middle school production of Oz - or a "retelling" as it was billed. There were no musical numbers, Dorothy didn't wear a blue dress, Glinda was more of a hippie love child with a flowered mumu and the flying monkeys had black wings, but Lucia could not take her eyes off that stage. After the play, Mama Mer took her up to meet Glinda... and then Lucia's head exploded. The look on her face was priceless. It's moments like that, and like this that really makes it all worth it in the end (please excuse my Mama Rose-esque coaching in the background).
And just because I haven't mentioned her at all, Carmen was there too!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day Squared...

Just a quick post tonight to say "Happy Mother's Day" to all the mothers out there - you know who you are (I hope). Our day started off a little shaky since Luce was up a bunch during the night. She has developed a fear of bees (don't look at me) and now wakes up thinking there are bees in her bed. We sent her to bed with a special bee banishing wand (a.k.a. flashlight) so we're hoping that works. So with not much sleep under her belt, Lucia was a bit of a crank this morning but after a nice long nap she turned things around this afternoon. Carmen on the other hand had a great day and is getting bigger by the minute. Both girls took a brief moment to send Mother's Day wishes to their Mimi and Nonne. And now, it's time for Mama Mer and I to enjoy our Mother's Day - she just handed me a beer. Ahhhh :-)

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Yes, Veronica, There Really Is a Baby Carmen...

Although you wouldn't know it from the dearth of photographic evidence seen here. Carmen, I swear we're trying but somehow your older sister and cousin grabbed most of the spotlight (I suppose by the time you can read this you'll be well used to it). So yes, the Seattle contingent of the Leary Reeves clan braved their way to Brookline to see if in fact this "baby Carmen" was the real deal. Well, it didn't take long for Carmen to christen their clothing before they were believers. In addition to surviving a torrent of baby vomit, our guests were also kind enough to cook and clean and launder for us. It was simply wonderful. Please come back.
While the visit from Auntie Alison, Uncle B and Baby Veronica was certainly the highlight of the past few weeks, we have enjoyed some other fun events as well. Such as co-ed bath time pajama parties, the annual Ellen's House Egg Hunt and of course, a true rite of Spring - - breaking out the sandbox.