Friday, August 30, 2013

Fairy Tales Can Come True...

It can happen to you...
When spend a fabulous weekend at a wedding in Lake Tahoe! 

Ok, so the verse needs work but the sentiment remains the same. The Mothers Goose wrapped up the month of August in grand style by traveling to our dear cousin Heather's wedding in Lake Tahoe, CA. And as you can see, our girls were lucky enough to be in_the_wedding... more excited flower girls have never before existed in the history of time, I promise you. Our journey there was a long one with airport layovers, shuttle delays and car rental waiting but the girls (and Nonne!) were rock stars the entire trip and upon arrival were all smiles... and with scenery like this, how could you not be? We were smart enough to arrive early in order to squeeze in some extra family time which we greatly enjoyed. Mountain top swimming, cocktails and hot tubs? YES PLEASE! 

On the day of the "big event" the girls loved getting all dolled up (Carmen kept asking, "are my curls still there?") and I have to say, they were off the charts on the "awwwwneesss scale" (what, that's not a scientific measurement? well it should be!). The wedding itself was beyond beautiful and the happy couple set the tone for the entire weekend... family, fun and foolishness. Or maybe it should read funny foolish family? Say what you will about my clan, but whenever the extended group gathers you are guaranteed laughs (belly), drinks (copious) and happy tears (buckets). How lucky are we?

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